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Climate-Proof, Sustainable Agriculture: Aquaponics

Reduction of Fossil Fuels
No Chemicals
Reduction of Water Usage

We have come to realize that traditional agriculture, meaning the American version of large, mechanized, chemically dependent, industrial agriculture, is not sustainable and has a net negative impact on us and our world.

Lawrence D. Schaefer

Lawrence D. Schaefer’s strong business sense and character was forged at a young age during his humble beginnings as a third-generation farmer to a family-owned business established in 1868.

Larry taught the Aquaponics Certification Course for the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) in Washington, DC. Larry also built the aquaponic system for UDC, which his students still maintain and continue to use for on-going studies. Larry is partnering with community organizations and farmers to establish other aquaponic facilities. Larry is a personal business owner and entrepreneur, Larry was the CEO of the successful Koi Pond business for twelve years, including the design, installation, and management of several commercial and residential custom-created koi ponds, water features, fountains, lights, plants, and imported Koi at many locations in the National Capitol Region. Larry was raised on a multi-generational family farm in rural Iowa where he learned the life of commercial farm operations with the annual average revenue of $500,000.

Additionally, Mr. Schaefer has over 30 years of federal service in security, emergency management, continuity of operations and government programs, public safety and emergency/disaster response communications planning, exercise development, implementation and evaluation, as well as national public safety communications standards development.

The Problem

How can we produce the food necessary to feed the growing and majority urbanized population?

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The Solution: "Aquaponics"

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The UN has also developed a series of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) with a plan to reach them by 2030. How many are linked to agriculture?

Proof of the Solution